Lead Generation:

Discover how solo agents generate consistent flows of happy grateful clients into their practices (and repel time wasters and soul suckers). Plus learn how they get their friends, family, and past clients to repeat and send referrals.

4-8 Closings Per Month:

Find out how solo agents are scheduling and organizing their daily tasks (prospect, follow up, present, list, show, negotiate, track, and close) to sell 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 homes per month. Learn how they timeblock and when they do what. Plus discover what systems and software they use to track tasks and stay organized.

Days Off and Vacations:

The number one reason for failure in real estate is not lack of business ... it's burn out. You need to rejuvenate your soul. Learn how solo agents schedule days off, play on the weekends, and go on vacations.

Work / Life Balance:

All work and no play makes you sad, mad, bad, frustrated, and less productive. You need to be focused at work ... and be able to experience the joys of life outside the office. Learn the work / life balance strategies perfected by solo agents.

Elite Eight Speakers

At the online summit we are going to showcase top solo agents and share their best practices. We'll ask your burning questions and get answers straight from the solo agents who are achieving peak performance. Here are the top solo agents.

Desi Sowers

78 closings in 1 year

460k in GCI

Joy Russell

96 closings in 1 year

501k in GCI

Jen Burns

78 closings in 1 year

464k in GCI

Nate Brill

66 closings in 1 year

520k in GCI

Pam Heinold

59 closings in 1 year

350k in GCI

Tim Kindem

52 closings in 1 year

313k in GCI

Tony Holguin

62 closings in 1 year

245k in GCI

Gary Raze

69 closings in 1 year

510k in GCI

Mystery Agent:

Inside the summit, you'll discover the identity of a super solo agent who closed 323 homes in one year, generated 1.1 million in GCI, and may be the most productive agent in America (maybe the world). 

Click the button below, get your free registration now, and discover who she is in the next 30 seconds.


When: January 10th thru January 17th, 2020 (but don't wait ... get your FREE gift today ... see below).

Where: It's online. No traveling. Watch video sessions on your computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

Times: Watch when you want. If you miss a session, replays are posted for 24 hours.

Cost: $0, zero, ziltch, nada, nothing, none, null, goose egg, forget about it ... it's free!!!

How: Register today and save your seat. Just click the "get free access" button on this page.

Limit: Tech guy says we only have seats for 1,000 agents. So register today and save your spot.

Free Gift:

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Tax Letter 2020

In January, send this letter with a copy of your 2019 clients’ closing settlement statement. They need it for their tax preparation.  

You clients will LOVE that you are thinking of their best interest (and proactively sending it). It shows you want to continue the relationship … and often results in immediate referrals for the new year.

This letter is the exact letter one of our top solo agent speakers sends. It's pure gold. Yours free when you register today.

What Agents Are Saying About Master Mind Agent Summits:

Terrific Idea

“I loved it. What a variety of topics. And I want to “Thank” all the presenters. It was a terrific idea and worked very well with my schedule. No flights, no hotel rooms, and in the comfort of my own home. Cup of coffee, a good headset, a note pad, and I was set. Would definitely attend again! And would recommend to a friend (as long as they were not my competition) LOL! Thanks so much and thanks for sharing.” - Leisa Stilwell

Inspired Me

“I thought the summit was great. A good opportunity to hear from “the experts”. The amount of information I took away was incredible. I have a long “to do” list. They would give an idea and how they use it, and just listening to them inspired me to think of 10 other ways I could use it – I couldn’t write fast enough! So many great ideas!! I also liked when the interviewer asked exactly the same question I was thinking of and the speakers were so good to answer all of them. If something was confusing it seemed to get ironed out pretty quickly. It was great to have a one-on-one going on. I would definitely attend again and recommend the summit to my friends and co-workers.” -Paula Hartmann.


“This event is awesome. I have attended many events that over promised, under delivered or were simply sales pitches. The summit sessions I attended were all packed with current and useful information that was relevant to the subject! Great job. Hope you do this again next year.” – Frances Currier

3 Ways To Attend

Register today, even if you can't attend live. You can listen to the replays and recordings.


Attend The Sessions

Show up for the opening of each session and hear solo agents share their wisdom.


Sessions Posted For 24 Hours

Flexible schedule. Listen each day at a time convenient for you.


All Sessions Recorded

Acquire the recordings and add them to your success library.

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